About the LayShrink

Who or what is the layshrink?

“lay” – not of the clergy

“shrink” – slang for psychiatrist

The person behind this blog is exactly that “not of the psychiatric clergy”.  No formal training, pretense academic excellence just the view and outpourings of the shoulder people often turn to cry on.

Take what is said exactly for what it is, an opinion.

The LayShrink


What LayShrink is about

This blog is a personal view of what is happening to marriage in the 21st century based on first and second hand experience; primarily from a man’s perspective.

Taken out of context much of this blog may appear to be misogynistic or outdated.  The intent is far from that.  The late 20th century asked men to review their relationship with women across every aspect of society; in the guise of feminism.  On the whole every man born in the second half of the 20th century or later has made that step.  This blog is asking women to do the same thing with men; we just don’t have a name for it yet.

Feminism had unintended consequences, especially at the individual level found in the basic dyadic relationship, usually encapsulated as marriage.  This blog is one man asking women, feminists or not, if they now carry a twisted ideology that is not about cooperation but about domination and revenge on man’s historical wrongs.  That question is focused on whether or not that ideology is undermining our (yes men and women are in them together) closest relationship.

Read on and hopefully some of this will make you angry; then you’ll know that something needs to change.

The LayShrink