About Love

This post is just a beautiful summary of the difference between Romance and Love. I know, I know, I do a lot of talking about sex, but all in the context of Love. what happens is too many relationships get lost because we have come to expect Romance and her 2-by-4.
Are you in Love or blinded by Romance?

Half Way Down the Bunny Trail

IMG_7622A while ago, Sue had an epiphany about me.

“Love will never find you while you’re on this dating quest,” she emphatically stated.

“I know,” I emphatically agreed.

We were both drinking wine.


I’m officiating a wedding this weekend for a friend I’ve known since we were nineteen. She calls me the HIgh Priestess and wants me to wear butterflies in my hair. She wants me to talk about love.

It’s a huge topic. At once simple and elegant. Unavoidable, yet hard to find. It’s bigger than all of us, but within us all. A magic trick. Fairy dust. A winking glamour who hovers in corners, saucy enough to tease us with her smile, blithe enough to appear when we least expect her, and when we need her most.

Love has a close cousin Romance, who is well-meaning, though very competitive. She likes sports and though she says she’s…

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The UN Fights to Eradicate Sexual Poverty

sexy celebritiesThe United Nations has at some time defined relative poverty as, anyone living on less than half the median income. The UN also has definitions of absolute poverty, which will gloss over here, as the thrust is not about life threatening poverty.

Taking this definition and applying it to other areas of our life we can make a strong case in some relationships for the UN to intervene. Now from the title, and those that follow this blog, you can guess this has something to do with sex.

In many relationships one side or the other feels short changed in the sex department. Using the definition of poverty above we can come to a reasoned basis for how often we should be having sex, as a minimum; unless by mutual agreement (No Sex Please, We’re British). To do that we need to find some numbers and do the hard sums!

The average couple has sex 98 times a year according to a recent survey (which I can’t find the reference to, although a Durex one claimed 127 times per year). Firstly, averages are not medians (see this). So we need to make an assumption about what the median might be. To keep our sums easy lets call it 52 times a year, which means half the people have sex more than 52 times a year and the other half less. Based on that, if you are having sex less than 26 times a year you are living in “sex poverty”.

Can we see the UN intervening to eradicate this “sex poverty”? Who would they appoint as ambassadors? We can only live in hope that the UN finally steps up to the mark in this world crisis.