50/50 Children

I was going to post a different post then I read today that women are getting upset about the fact that men are being granted near 50% access to children in divorce cases. Why is this anything other than equality?
Women are seeking greater equality; the mantra of feminism. That means they want equality of opportunity in the workplace, which means they should get an equality of opportunity out of it; which means mainly as parents.
I’m more in favour of people resolving their issues and staying married, but I know that sometimes this just isn’t possible. What people need to do is not take the dispute beyond the end of the marriage; and divorce lawyers need to learn to think of the “total cost” and not just their clients “maximum settlement” (as money) and their own fees.
Some men, and indeed some women, are not fit to be a parent for a significant period of a child’s life, but we cannot assume that that is true of all men; that is sexism at it lowest and most brutal form. I have first hand experience of seeing a working mother deny a father access to his children because she didn’t like him, despite what would be described as an amicable divorce. In the end this has just resulted in two damaged people (their children).
In truth I’d like to say something more constructive, but this blatant abuse of sexism has me outraged; and that it is not a good place to be when trying to resolve an argument. That’s a point I keep trying to make in other posts. Time to stop ranting and get on with life.