Thank You, It can be a STRUGGLE

Thank you for all the people that follow this blog.  I know many are hoping for reciprocal follows; I truly wish I had the time to read everything.  Maybe I’m so old school that I like to read with intent anything I sign up for; maybe it’s the near 300 books I’ve collected (read about 10) relating to things I’m interested in, started (re)learning a language due to a long car drive, listened to 6 audio books, published a book, nearly finished writing another, managed a family (which has been through some life changing things this year) and continued to struggle with a marriage that seems lost at sea.

Yes, I write this to help other people’s relationships because mine has been more mudslide than roller-coaster.  I’m not sure if I’m strong or stupid; but I’ve tried to learn what it is that makes relationships have the chance to work.  It doesn’t mean I get good at putting it into practice, or that the other person embraces a thing I say or do.  Again, the question; am I strong or stupid?

Like my relationship; and everybody else’s; everything is interconnected.  It makes working on the relationship and writing this blog a struggle.  In terms of writing it is hard to make sensible, digestible posts because everything connects to everything and when I start thinking about it I’m never sure where to stop.  I could write and write and write one enormous post, but I can’t find the time.

A friend tells me to not get stuck in the “poor me” moments and that is sage advice.  This is not a “poor me” moment; writing this is cathartic, but that can only hold true if I know somebody bothers to read it.  So, we return to the thank you; you make it worth the  struggle.