Alpha Might NOT Be the Right Choice

general-zod[As a matter of note the genders can be mixed up any way you want here; I’m just going to go with ‘gender’ roles, rather than the sexual state.  If you read something into that’s not there, then you’d better ask yourself why.]

There’s a lot of talk about the attractiveness of the ALPHA male.  Women swoon, he’s the pack leader, the power, the luxury, and the bragging rights.  What more could a woman want?

Unless you a self absorbed women then you might want somebody; especially your significant other to care about how you feel.  Let’s face it, you might be part of the pack but you still need to be considered as an individual.

Well, here’s the bad news.  High powered people (read alpha males) show significantly lower levels of empathy.  You need that to survive the back biting, being prepared to sacrifice some of the pack for the general survival.  Other people are NOT people they are pawns in the game of life.

Although that is the extreme variation of it all; when the moment comes they will choose their alpha (self) interest over yours.  Maybe not at the odd moment, but in the end they wouldn’t be alpha if they didn’t sell you out.

PS: If you want a better deal don’t hunt for an aspiring beta, hunt for the rare sigma; hard to spot but if nurtured they are worth having.